wildpastel The brand ’wildpastel’ came to life in summer 2011, during a uniform design project. The founders: Tünde Cecília Tóth and Eszter Garamvölgyi. The two designers met and made friends while they were attending the 3-year fashion designer course of Modart. Previously, they were engaged in different fields of life but then they decided to follow their dreams and learn fashion design.
The exclusivity of the brand ‘wildpastel’ and the uniqueness of the concept behind it are attributable to the two designers, for their use of colours and materials greatly differs from that of the usual collections that are debuted these days. Their creations, which are designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also practicality, are characterised by classic and loose elegance.
Wildpastel made its début at WAMP in 2011, when the designers were still students of the French fashion school Modart. Since 2012, their clothes have been available in Mono Fashion and Ourstyle Boutique in Arena Plaza. Their short-term objectives include the expansion of business abroad, with France and Germany being their primary target countries. The two designers show off their creativity not only in designing clothes and accessories but also in visual design and stylist jobs.